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Your CMPA: Strengthening Our Community

Your Crabapple Montessori Parents Association (CMPA) is dedicated to fostering a stronger sense of community at our school between the administration, teachers, students and parents.  We hope to accomplish this through coordinating meaningful events and activities that enhance children’s learning experiences, strengthen communication between parents and the school, and celebrate every child and our diversity.

The CMPA is funded solely by your contributions and we are aiming for 100% membership this year.  These funds go towards helping us organize and pay for:

Your CMPA team this year is a great mixture of returning CMPA and new committee members.  We are always looking for volunteers to join our team.

CMPA Leadership

The following persons have graciously agreed to be the officers of the CMPA for the 2016/2017 academic year:

SikiuSikiu Yepes, Co-President: Sikiu’s husband’s family loves Montessori philosophy of education. The Montessori education system is quite ingrained in her family. She is originally from Colombia and has been in Georgia for over 18 years! She is a Realtor by profession for the last 11 years. Her first involvement with the CMPA was as a Room Parent and then as a committee leader. It gives her a great sense of joy to take such an important leadership role now, as it allows her to meet new friends, participate in activities and have a greater appreciation of everything CMS has to offer. She has been involved with CMS for the last three years!

Nicole HartmanNicole Hartman, Co-President: Born and raised in the Midwest, Nicole is all about community and family. An environment that supported creativity and encouraged children to reach their full potential at their own pace was very important in choosing a school for her daughter. Crabapple Montessori filled those desires as well as being a diverse environment. Nicole has been involved with different roles over the years, from Airline Management, to event planning, and currently running a non-profit organization. Being part of the CMS community has been a highlight over the last two years.  In addition to being involved with the CMPA Board, she also serves as a Room Parent. Nicole has been involved with CMS for two years.

Maziar DaryaeeMaziar Daryaee, Vice President: Maziar was born and raised in Iran, studied Industrial Engineering at Azad University of Shiraz. He taught architectural software & drafting for four years at Azad University. He moved with his wife Sally moved to the United States in 2004. They have two boys, Mason and Dylan. Maziar currently own Atlanta Foundations, a construction concert specialist company.  He enjoy watching sports, reading history and spending time with family. Over the years, Maziar and Sally have watched their older son benefit in so many ways because of his educational experience at Crabapple Montessori School. His love for learning, academic abilities, compassion and self-motivation are all qualities he’s attained from this superb form of learning. Being part of CMPA is a great opportunity for Maziar to help Crabapple Montessori Community grow and be more successful, which in return will benefit their children.

Karen Boarman 2Karen Boarman, Secretary: While researching local schools, Karen and her family discovered CMS and the transformative benefits of the Montessori philosophy of education.  She began working with the CMPA first as a room parent, and in her second year as both a room parent and board member.  Karen loves to travel, try new cuisines, play games and spend time with loved ones.  Being involved with the CMPA has given her the opportunity to connect with the extraordinary staff and families, participate in special community events and watch her daughter thrive in an individualized environment! She has been involved with CMS for two years.

Jennifer OdilJennifer Odil, Treasurer: Jennifer grew up in Rome, Georgia and moved to the Atlanta area 20 years ago.   She has a BS in Psychology and an MBA in International Business.  Her job experience includes financial analysis and auditing.  Her favorite hobby is traveling. Jennifer has been involved with CMPA since her son, Roman, started at CMS in 2011, and has enjoyed the extra interaction with the school’s parents, staff, and children through being a part of the CMPA.  Roman started in the Toddler program room in 2011 and is now in his second year of Elementary.  She has been overjoyed with the experiences Roman had at CMS and feels grateful for his opportunity to attend such a great school.