What Kind of Learning Do We Value?

Human beings are creatures of habit. Habits are comfortable, and it is generally easier to continue doing things the way they have always been done. Change is messy, confusing, and often pretty challenging. At our school, we believe in the

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5 Things Montessori Parents DON’T Need to Do

Parenting. It’s one of the most incredible journeys available to the human experience. But in recent decades, it’s become a little bit more stressful. Between our evolving culture and the constant availability of information via the internet, parents are constantly

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Does Montessori Support Creativity?

A study published in 2019 was one of a number that have aimed to determine whether Montessori education contributes to creativity in students. While continued research would be beneficial to learning more about whether or not it does, the findings

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7 Major Ways Montessori is Different

There’s no doubt about it: Montessori is different. From the moment you step foot into our school, you know it’s unlike any conventional school. We like it that way. We know what we’re offering is special, and the families who

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5 Ways to Support Summer Learning

Just because your child may be taking a break from school, that doesn’t mean their learning stops. Learning is a beautiful and continuous journey, and summer is a special opportunity for some families to spend a bit of extra time

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150 Years: The Planes of Development

“I have found that in his development, the child passes through certain phases, each of which has its own particular needs. The characteristics of each are so different that the passages from one phase to another have been described by

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