The Stereognostic Sense

In Montessori toddler and primary classrooms, we offer specially designed materials to help young children refine their senses. In addition to the five senses—tactile (touch), visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), olfactory (smell), and gustatory (taste)—we also support children’s stereognostic sense. What

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The Origins of Language

Dr. Maria Montessori felt that in order to support children’s development of language, we first need to appreciate the evolution of language. In fact, the language today’s children use is a culmination of language evolution from the dawn of humans.

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Collaborative Problem Solving

So often, when we get really upset with our children, the first thing we want to do is solve the problem. Tell them what needs to happen. Take control. Sometimes even become a bit dictatorial! In those times of frustration

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The Absorbent Mind

Unlike other species that are born with a predetermined set of behaviors, human babies are born with a set of potentials. When a child is born, we have no idea if they will be a master musician or a creative

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Participation in Practical Matters

In our daily lives, we do so much to take maintain our surroundings, as well as care for ourselves and others. As adults, we take these activities for granted. Young children, however, yearn to participate in practical matters. Everything we

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The Significance of Being on Time

As we start the school year, we want to connect about a really crucial part of Montessori learning environments and how it affects your child, as well as the community as a whole. First, it helps to remember that we

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Montessori Motivation

We are often amazed at the capabilities of Montessori children.  They bounce home from school each day excited about their learning.  As adults, they tend to be driven and innovative.  How does one cultivate such an attitude toward the world? 

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5 Ways to Take Learning Outside

It’s that time of year again. The temperature is rising ever so slowly, the daylight is gracing us with its presence a bit more each day, and it feels like the world outside is waking up. Spring does something amazing

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Practical Life for Older Children and Teens

When people think about Montessori schools, some of the most prominent materials that come to mind are the beautiful practical life opportunities in our primary environments. There are small wooden trays with pouring and transferring works. There are whole lessons

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Montessori and Peace Education

Our world is often a tumultuous and scary place.  How can we help our children feel safe and cared for, while preparing them to lead the way as adults?  How can we cultivate empathy, kindness, gratitude, and the sense of

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Materials Spotlight: Racks and Tubes

Racks and Tubes, The Test Tubes – they may go by different names, but they’re all the same: a gloriously detailed Montessori division material. Introduced to the child somewhere around the end of lower elementary or beginning of upper elementary,

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Independence and the Montessori Child

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” -Maria Montessori You may already know that Montessori educators value and encourage independence in even their youngest students.  Why is it so important?  We believe that

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Kindergarten: The Icing On the Cake

This post is for the primary families (although the families of older students who read it will readily agree and support the points below – ask them when you have a chance!). Some of you were originally drawn to Montessori

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