The Benefits of Multi-Age Grouping

One hallmark of a Montessori education is the use of multi-age classrooms.  Infants and toddlers may be together or separate, with a toddler classroom serving children 18 months to three years.  Primary classrooms are for children ages 3-6, with preschool

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Inclusivity in the Montessori Classroom

Montessori is a method of education as well as a general philosophy on human development. If we could summarize it into one sentence it might be something like this: A deep understanding of typical human development, coupled with careful observations

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The Power of Self-Advocacy

A big part of becoming a successful, independent member of society is being able to advocate for oneself. We all need to know our own worth, and we need to feel confident enough to speak up for what we need

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What Kind of Learning Do We Value?

Human beings are creatures of habit. Habits are comfortable, and it is generally easier to continue doing things the way they have always been done. Change is messy, confusing, and often pretty challenging. At our school, we believe in the

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5 Things Montessori Parents DON’T Need to Do

Parenting. It’s one of the most incredible journeys available to the human experience. But in recent decades, it’s become a little bit more stressful. Between our evolving culture and the constant availability of information via the internet, parents are constantly

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