Montessori and Peace Education

Our world is often a tumultuous and scary place. How can we help our children feel safe and cared for, while preparing them to lead the way as adults? How can we cultivate empathy, kindness, gratitude, and the sense of … Continue reading

Montessori Basics: Cosmic Education

When Dr. Montessori began developing the elementary curriculum, she knew it had to be vastly different from the work of younger children. Not only were the academic skills to be more challenging, but the manner in which content was to … Continue reading

Montessori Basics: Cosmic Work

We recently shared an article about Montessori’s elementary curriculum: coined cosmic education. This month we dive a bit deeper to share an interesting concept Dr. Montessori wrote about and considered when developing her work for elementary children.   A definition … Continue reading

Montessori Basics: Geometry from the Start

Perhaps it happens one day when your four-year-old comes home from school one day, excited to show you their work for the day. They proudly show you a perfectly traced pentagon with elaborate, colorful patterns inside that they have created. … Continue reading

Montessori Basics: How we Teach Handwriting

Handwriting or penmanship; no matter what you call it, it was likely an important part of your early education.  Pressured by time and content constraints, many schools have abandoned explicit handwriting instruction.  This is resulting in a generation of children … Continue reading

Montessori Basics: Reality vs. Fantasy

Our Montessori Basics posts are created in order to teach parents about Montessori philosophy and curriculum.  Today’s post helps illuminate how one element of the philosophy drives the curriculum.  We all know Montessori classrooms differ vastly from their more conventional, … Continue reading

Montessori Basics: Sensitive Periods

“A child learns to adjust himself and make acquisitions in his sensitive periods.  These are like a beam that lights interiorly or a battery that furnishes energy.  It is this sensibility which enables a child to come in contact with … Continue reading