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After-School & Enrichment Programs

A Fun Way to Develop Mental and Physical Agility and Develop Lifelong Interests

For children under our care, Crabapple Montessori School offers a full growth and learning experience – inside and outside the classroom. After-School Enrichment is an optional extracurricular program that gives children another opportunity to develop physical and mental agility and be introduced to what might become a lifelong interest.

Some classes are taught by our own staff members, and some are taught by trained instructors engaged especially for the After-School Enrichment Program.

After-School Enrichment Program

Classes are offered from September to May and are scheduled after the academic school day. Children can sign up at any time during the academic year; however, the preferred times to sign-up or to drop classes are at the beginning or end of the month.

To enroll in a class, or to learn more about the classes we offer, please call us at 770-569-5200 or email

ART (for ages 3.5-6 years) offered by Accela Education

BOLLYWOOD DANCE (for ages 3-12 years) offered by Atlanta Nritya Academy

CHESS (for ages 6-12 years) offered by Ortho Chess

CODING & ROBOTICS (for 6-12 years) offered by Techie Kids Club

CULINARY COOKING (for ages 6-12 years) offered by Young Chefs Academy

GUITAR (for ages 6-12 years) offered by Milton Music Class

HIP HOP & JAZZ (for ages 6-12 years) offered by Dreamweaver Dance Company Inc.

PRE-BALLET (for ages 3 to 6 years) offered by Creative Movement and Dance

SOCCER (for ages 2 to 12 years) offered by Upfield Soccer

SPANISH (for ages 3-6 years) offered by Ms. Teresa Garcia

VIOLIN (for ages 3-6 years) offered by Ms. Marina Dmitriyev

YOGA (for ages 3-6 years) offered by The Little Yogis

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